Setting off

The men are all set to go. We are glad of all the preparation and the training. We all know what we need to do. So, excited and nervous we set off on the first leg of the journey.

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where_are_they_now3The weather is changing, so we are heading off at 2am (Tuesday 26th). We got the nod from Captain Dempsey over the weekend, which came on the back of some code worded conversations with Met Eireann! Anyway… we’re all ready to Row and will be in Dunmore East, in the early hours!! keep tracking us here

Training Complete

The training for the Endeavoar Challenge has finally come to an end. After six months of intensive training we have completed well in excess of 1.8 million metres on the rowing machine. This is made up from the hours I have being recording on the weekly whip. It does not include all the 5k’s, 10k’s and mind numbing interval training sessions which pushes the figure even higher. Added to this is the weight training, core stability training, flexibility training and not to mention the hours of training on the water in all weather conditions. I think everyone should congratulate themselves on committing to this schedule which has strengthened mind and body and brings confidence to the team for the enormous challenge which lies ahead. Well done to all, see you on the quay.

Mick Gurley

Team Briefing

itinery endeavoarThe Crew received their final briefing before the beginning of Endeavoar! Team Captain, Brian Dempsey, explained the itinerary and the rowing schedule. This really ramped up the excitement of the challenge, because now everyone could see when they were going to be rowing over the entire event- and how many times they were going to be rowing….A LOT!!!! is the answer….
The sense of nervous excitement was tangible and all the crew had childish smirk on their face as they left the briefing.
Brian informed the crew that because of the weather, there may be a possibility of us departing on the 26th instead of the 27th.

Endeavoar Media Launch

Endeavoar Team Endeavoar media launch 1 Endeavoar Charity attempt DAA23The Endeavoar crew lined up outside terminal 2 for the official media launch for the cahllenge!! The sun was shining and the boat was looking good, fully branded with all of the Sponsoars and Charity logos. Having a boat parked outside the terminal got a few funny looks!! This launch really got the excitement going for the challenge that lies ahead. The spirits were raised and the mood was electric with energy. Roll on the 27th!!

The Boat is out of the Water!

boat firestationThis week the boat is out of water, so no Rowing for the moment. It had to come out to be cleaned and inspected, but also to be branded with the EndeavOar sponsOar logo’s. Peugeot, Oracle, William Fry, IAA, Helly Hansen, Nugent Workwear, Energia, Irish Ferries, RTE, Stena Line, Tourism Ireland. -Some of the great companies that have Sponoared this unique event! The boat is going to look great!!

Fundraising at Dublin Airport – 2nd May 2015

fundraiserWhat a fantastic fundraising event we had on Saturday 2nd May 2015. Plenty of ‘Endeavoar‘ crew members and helpers came out to get on the indoor rowing machine and fundraise for our charities. All of the crew came kitted out in the new Endeavoar T-shirts, which had all of our spon’oars’ names and looked great. Everybody contributed to the 140,000 meters that were rowed on both machines in Terminal 1 and 2.

We had great advertising posters and displays on show, which caught the attention of the passing public. There was plenty of banter between the crews and the passengers about the Row itself, leading to people being astounded at the distance we intend to cover and the route we intend to take. ‘You’re all mad’ was the general consensus!!. However, everyone that interacted with the crews, ended up being very generous and plenty of coins and notes were dropped into the collection boxes.

Everyone agreed that it was a very successful event and a really enjoyable day! Well done and thanks to everyone for contributing and helping to make this trip possible….

rowing rowing2 row-airport

Getting Real

DSC00722April 30th, Thursday evening, the sun was beaming down, but it was cold!
The sea was relatively calm for the crews that came out to practice changing over crews from the rowing boat, to the RIB, to the support boat. Everyone was in good form and vying for the opportunity to be the first in the boat and get a chance to practice getting in and out of then boat – under the stern eye of Dougie (Chief of all crew changes!). All of the crew changeovers went well, and everyone managed to get out of the rowing boat, into the RIB and climb on to our fab support boat, captained by Noel Ruigrok.

This session really got the excitement going with all the crew, knowing that May was just around the corner and the start date in less than four weeks!! What a super session…
After the rowing, the boat was taken out of the water for some cosmetic work and some branding with our Great Sponsors logos. It’s all getting very real now!!


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Rough weather rowing!

Oarsmen TrainingMajor weather shift for todays row compared to Thursday’s Bahamas like conditions!! It was lashing down on Hurley, Bracken, Gilsenan, Butterly and Denver. The wind was swirling, it was cold wet and rough. So great practice for some of the conditions we are likely to see en route to France!Not too much banter on the boat today because of the effort that had to be put in to just keep moving and staying warm, so the crew were faced with listening to a solid hour of Denver’s motivational quotes and rhythmic drones.

Whilst it was tough out there, everyone knew that this was an important time to train in harsh weather and that’s what happened.  The crew rowed hard for the entire session and worked up a sweat, finishing off with a speedy race finish to end.

Next on the water session is Thursday evening. The crew will be practicing boat changeovers with the support boat and rib…. In the dark!!

Thursday training in the sun

Training Session
Rowers – Wallis, Dempsey, Geraghty, Gorman and Denver.
Rowing in unbelievably fantastic conditions, water was flat calm, it was more like rowing on a big pond!

However, it was a great session, coxed by Wallis, and with the heat, it soon became a very intense and hot row.
There was some talk of naked rowing, but this will only be done, if the right sponsorship is placed! – or if we just get hot on the way to

Next session is Saturday morning…. Weather might be a bit different!!